It’s understandable that people are skeptical about hiring anyone without knowing that they have done some decent work in the past. Below are testimonials from some of our clients. While it’s just a taste of what we’ve done, it does give a little bit of an understanding about the type of service we offer and the quality of work that we create. Please feel free to read through them.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“If you want to grow your business beyond what you’re capable of, you need to outsource. I spent months and a whole lot of money wasting my time on very cheap writers and content creators, only to have to rewrite a lot of the copy due to poor English and general misunderstandings. Then I found Jacob and have since been using him exclusively for my articles and e-books. I can tell you it is a huge bonus when you get your material back and it is spot on what you asked for without any need to edit it all yourself.  I would recommend Jacob to anybody without hesitation.” — Hugh McIntyre: The Little Mule Company

“The CoDon Media Group is one of our premier go-to partners for custom web content.  CMG has produced a wide variety of content for us, including technical how-to guides, product sales pages, and press releases.  I look forward to working with CMG for many years to come.” — Will Spencer, CEO, MemeBridge