Midnight Productions Developed by Us

One of the things that we do at CoDon Media Group is develop websites using WordPress as a content management system. While, in the past, WordPress was known as software for blogging, it has grown into an amazing CMS that businesses can use to make a professional looking website. Even CoDon Media Group is built on WordPress because it’s makes adding new pieces of content a piece of cake.

About a month ago, I arranged a meeting with the guys over at Midnight Productions and we had a conversation about what CoDon Media Group could do for them. It was decided that they definitely needed a website as well as a custom logo. While we were unable to help them with a logo personally, I knew a guy who was very good and he has quickly become my favorite for logos.

Midnight Productions is a company that hosts events in many different counties in New York. They invite people to bars, nightclubs and other spots where they host thematic events. In other words, they are event planners that specialize in the nightlife of the region.

When we met, I explained to them that a website would benefit them. They were using Facebook which was beneficial, but by creating a website, what they were doing was creating a two way path for people to find them. If someone went to their site, they could then travel to their Facebook which would increase the likelihood that they’d show up.

So, I wanted to write a short post to thank them for choosing CoDon Media Group. If you own a business and are looking to tap into another level of clients, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will definitely be able to help you!

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