We understand that sometimes you have an amazing idea that you’ve implemented, but you’re not sure how to take it to the next level. We can help you to take your finished idea and grow it from nothing to something. We’ll let you know what we think you need to implement, what you should change and what is lacking.

What We Consult

  • Design: Having a complete, solid design is important to gaining credibility as a business. But, it’s not just the design that matters. If you don’t have a logo to top the site off, you won’t get the amount of growth you want. We can help you to get a new logo and website designed so that you’re able to experience the growth you want.
  • Content: We can analyze your content and let you know if what you’re writing is appropriate or if you can make improvements. We’ll help you to draft content that will bring readers back and provoke them into responding. We’ll help you to develop content that sells the product you’ve created.
  • SEO: We can help you put together an effective search engine optimization plan that will help you achieve the rankings you want. You’ll be able to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your site thanks to the increase in search engine result pages.
  • Social Media: We’ll help you incorporate a plan to increase the amount of traffic you gain from sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon to name only a few. We’ll guide you in the creation and formation of these accounts and the development.

If you are interested in hiring us for consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll figure out an appropriate price based on what it is that you need from us and the amount of work that will go along with it.