CoDon Media Group owns a few web properties, but we are currently expanding our network to include sites in a handful of different niches. The general purpose of all websites owned by CoDon Media Group is to provide both entertainment as well as information pertaining to topics that are of interest to people. The groups that are targeted for each site vary greatly However, what CoDon Media Group holes to provide is exceptional content that provides some sort of a service to readers.

We The People Politics is a political commentary website. The purpose and the goal of the site is to provide factual based opinions and commentary to better educate the average voter. Political ignorance has become too big an issue in America and the goal of the site is to ensure that when people go to vote, they have some understanding on what’s going on.

The site strives to be as centrist as possible, but has had a history of a slightly left leaning opinion. However, there have been some serious right wing topics published that ensure that the site stays as center on the political map as possible.

TOR Universe is a news and commentary site about BioWare’s upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the release of the game imminent, there has been a growing need for a portal of information pertaining to this upcoming Goliath of a game. With updates on the news and commentary/analysis about different features of the game, TORUniverse strives to be the top spot for information on the Web.